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Great Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can be a real headache, as anyone who has ever climbed inside one to find a cupcake pan can attest. Sure, your kitchen may have a lot of cabinets. But are they laid out in a way that makes them easy to reach or logical to navigate? The truth is, most kitchens come with a lot of obstacles. The biggest obstacle - other than a kitchen cabinet being too high - is keeping it organized.

Read on for some expert tips on how to keep your kitchen cabinets organized. By following these tips, you might just find a way to love opening the cabinet.

Bins Are Perfect

Do you have a bunch of loose granola bars chilling in the cabinet, stuffed between cans of beans and jars of spaghetti sauce? Don’t worry - you’re not alone. So do many, many other homeowners. Why not take all of your loose items and store them in one container? That way, when you desire a granola bar, there’s one big bin to reach for. You won’t be sifting through cans and jars searching for one tiny thing.

Pegboard Drawer

Now this, is genius. Install a pegboard - the same kind you’ve seen hanging on the wall over Dad’s workbench - and lay it flat in a drawer. Use adjustable pegs to create holding areas for plates, bowls, cups, or other easy to knock over items. Just like the tray holder in a cafeteria, the pegs around your plates and bowls will keep them sturdy and secure. You won’t risk a pile of plates falling on you ever again.

Shelve Unneeded Items

So many of us keep a toaster on the counter when we rarely (if ever) toast anything. Install a simple shelf in the kitchen or pantry and keep big, bulky small appliances that are rarely used on it. When you need the toaster, you can grab the toaster. But if you rarely make toast, chances are you’re going to appreciate the counter space a lot more than the presence of the appliance.

Custom Knife Drawer

Although custom drawers may seem extravagant, this one is a solution to a problem that is so awesome it’s worth writing home about. A knife drawer gives you the chance to store sharp blades in sized wooden slots. This saves you the worry that you might accidentally cut yourself every time you reach for a knife.

Use All Available Space

The “toe kick” space, or the small space beneath the kitchen cabinets, could actually be very useful if you think about it. What about installing low, shallow drawers that allow you to keep thin flat items like cookie sheets or baking pans? This frees up space in the higher up cabinets and eliminates the possibility of pans falling on your head when you reach for one from a high cabinet (who hasn’t had that experience)?

The most important thing to remember when figuring out how to organize your kitchen is that you’re going to be the one using it. Keep everything in a place that seems the most logical to you!