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From Small to Spacious – Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

With space being a precious commodity in New York City, residents often have to compromise when it comes to size of living areas. However, did you know that by integrating design, modern appliances, color schemes and space-saving cabinetry/countertops in a total kitchen remodeling package, your kitchen will not only appear to have doubled in size but will genuinely contain much more space than you thought imaginable?

By increasing storage capacity, updating fixtures and appliances, connecting spaces and implementing unique color strategies, NYC homeowners and apartment dwellers can make a fashionable yet functional statement with a kitchen renovation that enhances the overall ambiance of their living area.

Appliance Integration

Instead of appliances sprawled around a kitchen, professional remodelers group appliances together to create a more efficient work area in which to prepare meals. In addition to conserving counter space, appliance integration coupled with space-saving cabinetry reshapes and refines any kitchen to appear spacious and inviting. Appliances such as countertop dishwashers, in-wall coffee systems, recycling/trash compactors and built-in refrigerators are just a few of the many ways you can expand the size of your kitchen.

Mounting smaller appliances such as electric can openers, jar-lid openers and CD players underneath cabinets is a great way to recover counter space swallowed up by items laying haphazardly on them. In addition, remodelers will install hanging racks on which you can suspend cookware from the ceiling and save valuable cabinet space as well as wear and tear on pots and pans.

Fixture Functionality

Contemporary and innovative kitchen fixtures include gooseneck sink spouts that easily rotate to accommodate two sinks and arch high enough to oblige larger pots and pans. Pull-out sprayers can be made to reach any area of a kitchen to facilitate clean-up as well as facilitate watering windowsill plants. These sprays have adjustable water flows consisting of an aerated stream and a more powerful water stream for intense cleaning jobs.

If you want to free even more counter space, consider remodeling with a wall-mounted, stainless steel sink or a sink integrated into a corner of your kitchen.

Vertical Thinking vs Horizontal Thinking

Up and down storage rather than a "flat-earth" storage style will save New York City dwellers a considerable amount of kitchen space and also prevent breakages from occurring due to clumsy storage techniques. Some space-saving ideas for new kitchen designs include placing a tall cabinet directly outside the kitchen (in the dining room, for example) to store dishware and also facilitate setting the table. Cabinets could also hold napkins, plastic utensils for younger children, snacks and party supplies such as wine glasses and liquor bottles.

Integrating dividers in drawers and cabinets is a storage-smart idea that is quickly gaining popularity with urbanites. Turntables, spice racks and wall shelves are just a few of the methods used to convert a disorganized and awkward-looking kitchen into a bright, airy and beautifully arranged kitchen.

Complementing colors to create the illusion of spaciousness is another specialty of professional kitchen remodelers. Neutral, harmonious colors enlarge and unify a kitchen as well as provide an ambiance of warmth and security. Colors such as soft brown, oyster white or buttery yellow are just some hues that work to visually expand a kitchen. Directional lighting fixtures also enhance color continuity by illuminating corners and unlit recesses previously overlooked in small kitchens.

Although New York City-sized kitchens may seem challenging to renovate, experts remodelers at MyHome are adept at conceiving the most functional and stylish kitchen design you desire that perfectly satisfy your needs.