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Go from Drab to Dramatic – Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Because bathrooms in New York City apartments do not afford much space with which to decorate, we frequently leave the same bathroom decor in place year after year, wanting to change it but never getting around to it. However, accessing great bathroom makeover ideas is the just the thing to jumpstart your creativity as well as your desire to get rid of those old, dingy bathroom furnishings and replace them with items that are modern, clean and dazzling.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, chances are it lacks storage space, functionality and a certain pizzazz. People who are single especially want their living quarters to reflect their personality and taste, while couples want rooms that exhibit a complimentary combination of each other's interior design preferences.

Turn boring bathrooms into bright, interesting ones by installing a vanity constructed of limestone with a drop-in porcelain sink. Paint walls buttercup yellow, have old tile replaced with pearl-white tile and install a window (if possible) above the bathtub. Decorate the window with cafe curtains and wood mini shutters. Window treatments exposed to steam from showers and tubs are adequately protected by using shower curtain liners.

Add a little bit of country to your New York City bathroom by painting walls a warm hue of medium green-gold and decorating the top and bottom of walls with country-themed stencils, such as nouveau Florentine stripes or gentle leaf scrolls. Replace toilet paper holders, shower curtain hooks and towel bars with wrought iron or pewter gray bars, hooks and holders.

Punched tin switch plates and fabric shower curtains enhance the feeling of an authentic country atmosphere as well. For decoration, hang wooden plaques, signs and shelves to hold dainty country knick-knacks. Set baskets on the floor containing rolled hand towels and aromatic bars of handmade soap to enhance the comforting ambience of your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Designs

The contemporary bathroom is designed with particular conceptual ideas in mind, such as simple, straight silhouettes exhibiting minimalistic styles; bright lighting that is not focused on the bathtub or shower area; color schemes that can include an eclectic blend of bold as well as neutral colors. For a spa effect, select colors such as pearly silver, sterling aqua or vivid ivory. Other popular color combinations utilized in modern New York City bathrooms are black and red; purple and cream; rich brown and light beige; teal and orange or yellow and deep blue.

When decorating a modernly renovated bathroom, professional designer recommend you keep decor items to a minimum. Dramatic effects exhibited by ultra-chic bathrooms depend mostly on color, tile patterns and shapes, bathtub styles and illumination. If decorative items are implemented, make sure they are made of the same material and color.

Just as New York City is vibrant and innovative so are modern bathroom gadgets. Some of the more cutting-edge devices currently popular with urbanites include wellness showers (incorporating aromatherapy, steam therapy and chromotherapy); massage shower jets; sensor-controlled lighting for mood enhancement and sound systems to play meditation music while relaxing in your newly installed spa bath.