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Renovate to Add Space to Your Bathroom

Just because bathrooms are usually the smallest room in your New York City home or apartment does not mean you have to settle for a bathroom with a cramped, cluttered appearance. Creating airy, bright bathrooms by redesigning space options, improving color scheme, implementing contemporary features and changing decor will give you a bathroom that represents a luxurious accessory enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

Showers and Bathtubs
Bathtubs placed in corners give bathrooms a powerful dimensional quality that seemingly transforms your bathroom in an airy, luxurious spa. These tubs are made of high-gloss, high-quality acrylic that is available in different colors to accommodate any decor style you may have in mind. In addition, corner tubs offer armrests and lower-back support for optimal comfort while bathing.

Installing recessed corner shower stalls will also provide extra space in which to implement shelving and vanities that organize and enrich the appearance of your bathroom. For example, vanities constructed of dark, rich wood add a dramatic touch when contrasted with pastel-colored walls. Instead of a boxy-looking, old-fashioned vanity, choose to have one custom-made that heightens an image of spaciousness and corresponds to exactly what you want.

Storage Ideas
An alternative to storing bathroom products underneath the sink is to have a recessed medicine chest and linen closet installed. Vanities with lower open shelving can then be decorated with picturesque items that correlate with the bathroom's decor theme. Additionally, if you have a large sink with cabinets attached underneath you might consider replacing it with a wall-hanging sink that immediately gives your bathroom many inches of splendid space.

When installing a new corner shower, select a shower equipped with built-in shelving on which to place shampoos, conditioners and body oils. This can free up space in your linen closet for extra towels, sheets and other linens. Just as shelving and bathtubs are incorporated into walls so can bathroom cabinets as well.

Renovating your bathroom using these professional design techniques will also expand your bathroom and furnish it with scope and a showroom touch:

Hang one or two oval mirrors in specific places but do not place two mirrors on walls so they are facing other. This will counteract the effect of extension
Replace bathroom tile that is medium or dark-colored with pale tiles that are pastel blue, off-white or soft lime-green
Wall paint should be a neutral shade as well but not significantly darker than tile shades
Reshape and enlarge windows that are too small in order to illuminate the bathroom with as much natural as possible. Consider installing a skylight if windows cannot be altered.
Replace a traditional bathroom door with one that slides into the wall.

With many different styles of space-saving vanities, tubs, showers and shelving available to redesign your bathroom, you no longer have to deal with cluttered, cramped bathroom you dread seeing as well as cleaning. MyHome professionals can help you go from squeezed to spacious by implementing modern design techniques in a timely and affordable manner.