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Bathroom Remodeling in New York City: Fixtures and Accessories

Bathroom remodeling in NYC is fun! Now that you have chosen the bathroom to remodel you have a lot of pretty tough and potentially costly decisions to make. One of the most inexpensive and fun components of your project will be deciding what fixtures and accessories to choose that will compliment the work you have already completed.

Whether you have completely stripped your bathroom back to a cement box or have been doing minor remodeling work, you will reach a point where you need to choose the final touches. NYC has a big selection of fixtures and accessories and whether your budget is big or small… you will be able to find quality and stylish design options that will make your project the success that you envisaged all those weeks before!!

Remodeling a bathroom in NYC will usually mean that you are trying to optimize space – let's face it, there is not much space in many of the inner city apartments so it is important to get as much of it as possible. So while you have concentrated on maximizing space through your choice of tiles, lighting and color, it is equally as important to choose good quality space saving fixtures and accessories.

  • One of the first and most obvious space saving fixtures that you can buy and easily attach is a full width mirror. As long as you don’t overdo it, the addition of a mirror creates depth, width and length to a small room. A mirror will also help to distribute more light throughout the room.
  • If you are fortunate to live in a roof top apartment or maybe you just have a small bathroom, the creation of natural light is easy when you decide to install a sky light. You can either install it yourself or hire a NYC contractor to do the job. Either way what was once a small and maybe damp room will now appear much bigger and airy.
  • There are many towel rods, hooks and hangers on the market, and choosing a wall mounted one is probably the best decision as it will place the towels in an accessible and functional position. Also think about how many rods you need, if there are only two of you using the bathroom then you really only need one full length slim line rod. If you don’t have much space but one rod is just not enough you can always attach a couple of extra hooks to the back of the door for more towels when friends decide to visit.
  • Whether you have chosen to install a bath or shower, using a hand held shower head will give you greater flexibility which can always be temporarily mounted so it is out of the way and can act as a regular shower head.
  • There are many well designed and stylish sinks, taps and faucet, options available. Contractors recommend using chrome taps as they will handle small knocks, are easy to clean and never seem to date. There are a lot more options apart from just the standard porcelain sink these days and it is worth the time to investigate the range of glass, granite or ceramic options for bathroom sinks. Take the time to think about your budget and pick the one that will be the most functional for your space.
  • Bathroom storage that is compact is essential to maximizing your space. As well as the traditional "under the sink cabinetry" you can also opt for free standing cabinets and
  • wall mounted shelving to increase your storage capability. If you have not thought of building in an in-wall cavity then the placement of corner shelves near the toilet are a good option when searching for places to keep extra toilet rolls or air fresheners.

Bathrooms are no longer the boring spaces they used to be, it is easy to create a visually appealing space within a reasonable budget. Once the final fittings have been attached you can enjoy spending a little time shopping for extra accessories.

In NYC we are blessed with choice and it is a very real possibility that all the money you saved on your bathroom remodeling project could be spent on accessorizing, the solution to this problem is easy, take someone who is financially responsible and hit the shops! A new bathroom deserves a few new towels – color coordinated of course! If you don’t have your shower enclosed with a glass door, a shower curtain with some classic stainless steel hooks, and maybe some wall mounted soap dispensers and tooth brush holders. Some nice smelling soaps, candles or oil soaked incense sticks are always a good option to help make the room feel warm and inviting.

The sky is really the limit when you embark on a NYC bathroom remodeling project – so go ahead and enjoy it!