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The Key to Energy Efficiency for New York and New Jersey Homeowners

With energy prices at such high levels, smart homeowners in New York and New Jersey and looking for ways to save money on energy. Installing home replacement windows is an excellent way to make a home more energy efficient. Energy savings are particularly for homes in New York and New Jersey where winter weather can be severe.

Home Window Replacement

Many remodeling projects in New York and New Jersey homes include the installation of new or replacement windows to improve insulation from the cold winter climate. Energy efficient windows can greatly increase energy savings by providing improved insulation. Home window replacement reduces costs of heating during winter and cooling during the summer while preserving a home's capability to maintain internal climate conditions.

Saving money with home replacement windows

Recent surveys conducted by the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), reports that In New York and New Jersey, half of home energy expenses goes towards home heating. Home window replacement can reduce this cost by making a home more energy efficient and better insulated.

When considering replacement windows, ask your home window company about the U-Factor. The U-factor is a number, generally between 0.2 and 1.20, that indicates the rate of heat loss (or gain) through a window. In other words, the U-Factor measures how well a product functions at maintaining ambient room temperature - a beneficial aid in determining energy efficiency in New York and New Jersey window replacement projects. A low U-factor demonstrates a high resistance to heat loss or gain; that is, a superior insulating value, of the window. This number is particularly important for winter comfort and energy efficiency in New Jersey homes faced with extreme weather conditions and rising energy costs. Note that windows with a U-Factor below 0.40 are within the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements.

Ask your MyHome window specialist, to tell you the U-Factor for the replacement windows you are considering.

Work with a Replacement Window Specialist

There is a great advantage to calling an experienced home window replacement specialist like MyHome. They can use their experience to help you pick the most cost effective replacement windows and to calculate how much the installation of home replacement windows can save you each year. MyHome provides a range of high quality, fully warranted replacement windows from top manufacturers. For more information about how MyHome can help you install home replacement windows to make your home more energy efficient, click here.

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