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Legendary Interior Designers in NYC

Interior Design in New York City is a serious business and a unique specialty. Interior designers, as the name suggests, can design interiors for home, office and commercial uses. Interior design is the practice of improving the functionality of a room - and more specifically, how to gain maximum usability. Through the utilization of computer programs an Interior Designer will make an assessment of your space and can provide advice that will result in the optimization of the space to suit your specific requirements.

Interior Designers in America are focused on changing the architecture of the interior space and are not to be confused with interior decorators who are primarily focused on providing clients with advice on placement of objects and generally improving the layout of the space without the expense of a complete remodeling project.

A quick look back through history tells us that interior design and home decorating was something that was reserved for the affluent. Ancient Romans are believed to have been the first known population to have developed the skill for home decorating and decadent style choices, some of which can still be seen today amongst ancient roman ruins. Fortunately, it is now possible for anyone to gain access to Interior Designers who will assist them with the planning of their homes.

Interior design began as a profession which involved the relocation of paintings, the correct choice of colors, fittings and accessories. Interior design has transformed itself in to a profession which deals with changing the complete environment to enhance the daily living for life, work and play.

New York City is known as the 'design capital of the world' and has the title due to many legendary interior designers who have contributed to the transformation of interior design as a profession through clever and innovative design techniques.

Donald Leskey, a leader in the field of Industrial Design techniques, was a major contributor to interior design in the 1920s and 30s. Although a trained architect he chose to follow his passion of art and made contributions to the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne periods. Leskey concentrated his efforts within the niches of furniture and textile design while occasionally providing expert advice about designing interiors.

John Dickinson was a very well known designer who trained at Parson's Design School in New York City and then continued to pursue his passion for design in San Fransisco. He was known as a conventional decorator and was celebrated for his contribution to the design of many beautiful stools, table lamps and console tables. His decision to become an interior designer came later in life at the age of 40, where he created some totally unique spaces that were full of vibrancy and texture.

Alvin Lustig, while never formally studying architecture or interior design techniques, was a self proclaimed 'born modernist' who was extremely passionate about modern art and architecture. From the late 1930s to early 1950s Lustig designed a number of interior design spaces, along with furniture to accompany these spaces. His work has been featured in numerous architectural magazines which have chosen to showcase his talent in the field of design.

Interior Designers who have studied or are currently studying design techniques in New York City are fortunate to be surrounded by the styles of past architects and designers and have the ability to draw upon this knowledge to create new and innovative spaces. Utilizing the techniques of the past, Interior Designers now have access to a large selection of computer software programs which, with the combination of old and new, can create limitless opportunities to achieve maximum results for their clients. It is definitely an exciting time to have an Interior Designer assist you with your home remodeling project!