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Unique Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Is your kitchen a cluttered mess? The kitchen naturally involves so many different (and small!) elements, it’s easy to feel lost. Below, you’ll find some great tips we’ve gathered for how to keep your kitchen organized.

Gather Items

Do you have a bunch of large utensils you use at the stove that you just wish were all in one place? Using a box such as a vintage planter or an umbrella box along with some cups, vases, or cans, make small compartments for your utensils. Spatulas can go in one, wooden spoons can go in another, and wire whisks can go in another. Keeping everything one place but separated gives you the ultimate level of efficiency while you’re at the stove.

Where’s That Cookie Cutter?

Do you spend the first twenty minutes of any Christmas cookie baking experience searching for your many jumbled cookie cutters? Keep them all in once place, instead. One creative idea we’ve seen is to use an old freestanding paper towel holder. Place the cookie cutters over the center of the holder the way you would a horseshoe in a game of horseshoes. This way, your cookie cutters are all kept in one place and you won’t risk losing your favorite star or Santa Claus.

Bring A Workroom Classic Inside

The pegboard has long been used to store tools in the shed or garage. Why not bring it inside to the kitchen, where tools are aplenty? Pegboards are perfect for organizing small stuff because the pegs are easily movable. Being able to move a peg to fit a colander in one place but a bunch of tiny spoons in another place is a great convenience when you’re organizing the kitchen.

Custom Shelving

Do you have a little too much space above the stove to justify nothing going on up there? Installing individual open shelving isn’t hard or expensive, and it gives you the ability to make most of the space you have where you have it. Open shelving is perfect for displaying your more colorful or interesting belongings or for placing cookbooks and other items you want easy access to.

Make Your Own Utensil Rack

Have you seen the utensil racks that hang above professional stoves in restaurant kitchens? They seem like the most perfect solution to an ever-enduring problem: where’s the ladle? Where’s the spatula? Why aren’t they close? The thing is, the professional version of this neat tool can be pretty expensive. So why not make your own? When you break it down, the utensil rack involves some pretty simple technology. To make one of your own, get a curtain rod and shower curtain hangers. Add hooks to your hangers and you’ve got yourself a nifty place to store all of those necessary kitchen tools.

Suspend Your Pots

Overhead pot racks or corner pot racks add a splash of personality to your kitchen, and they serve a purpose, too! There are a variety of creative solutions for hanging your pots, and doing so will give your kitchen a really special and homey look.