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Kitchen Remodeling in New York City: Fixtures and Accessories

Interior Designers in New York City sure know what is hot right now!

So you have nearly finished your kitchen remodeling project in your New York City apartment or home – what an amazing process! After months, maybe years of planning, you have finally come to the end of making all those important decisions and can now finally begin to see the outcomes of good focus and commitment to your project. Now there are only a couple of things left – choosing the appropriate fixtures and accessories which will compliment the extensive work you have already done.

A kitchen remodeling project can vary greatly according to budget, time and what you actually need to ensure effective functionality of your kitchen space. Choosing to remodel the kitchen is one of the most beneficial things that you can choose to do to your home. If you are intending to sell or just want to improve and expand the room for your own purpose, remodeling a kitchen is a wise decision.

If space has been an issue for you and now you are beginning to realize that you will have enough room to cook a roast and enjoy the company of friends in the kitchen at the same time you will want to ensure that this space is not lost by cluttering bench tops and floor space. It should be important to you to make the correct choices regarding fixtures so that space remains a top priority.

When embarking on any type of remodeling project in New York City, we are fortunate to be surrounded by choice. Cabinets, faucets, sinks and lighting fixtures now come in a huge range of different styles and features to suit any budget.

Beginning with the obvious, cabinetry, it can be a tricky decision to make, however the professionals suggest that when choosing the cabinetry for your kitchen you should remember some basic points. Think about general distribution according to space – allow for the major spaces like the fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher and potentially a washing machine. The type of materials you choose for your cabinets and bench tops is also really important, you want something that looks good, will be durable and is easy to clean. High quality hinges, door handles and drawer slides are a necessary choice to prevent any future frustrations with regard to opening and closing your cabinetry. Finally, the fittings that you choose to place inside your cabinetry is important to ensure optimal space saving. There are a multitude of ideas available for efficient storage of pots, plates, glassware and other kitchen utensils.

Depending on how much you like to cook, the kitchen can be a very busy place and one that requires a fair amount of light without creating an unpleasant atmosphere. Think about the positions in the kitchen that will be the main working areas and choose appropriate lighting for the space. Whether you install ceiling lights, hanging lights or fan lights, your choice should function efficiently and add to the ambience of the space.

Faucets and sinks are really well designed these days and are made to be compatible with each other without losing anything to style. Contractors recommend using chrome taps as they will handle small knocks, are easy to clean and never seem to date. There are many options for sinks including; porcelain steel, stainless steel, cast iron or synthetic composition sinks. You will be certain to find something that will fit the budget and look great!

Ensuring that your bench tops are clear of clutter can be easily guaranteed if you choose to attach slim line rods to the walls for the purpose of hanging ladles, spatulas and other cooking utensils. More space saving ideas would be to strategically place hooks and rods for things like oven mitts, toweling paper and spices.

Choosing fixtures for your kitchen will be the last hard decision you will need to make, once this is complete the fun will begin as you get to spend whatever money is left over on much needed kitchen accessories!

Again, the choice is endless, so the best advice is to write a list and stay on track, as you may find you really don’t need a lot of the latest designer accessories. Chopping boards, glassware, electrical goods, plates, mixing bowls – whatever you need to enhance the new space that you have created for your kitchen, make sure it is a practical as well as stylish addition.

A New York City kitchen remodeling project is fun, especially when we are spoilt by choice – so make sure you plan thoroughly and enjoy it!