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MyHome to Provide Interior Design Service

MyHome, continuing on from their successes as the leading New York City Contractors, have announced today that they will be providing Interior Design services to compliment their already extensive range of services on offer. MyHome currently offer advice on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, with specific tips and tricks about tiles, flooring and painting.

Interior Design is a unique skill, and although there are specific design courses available to study, interior designers usually come with an extensive career history which sees them having combined art appreciation, architecture or some kind of design background which has led them to Interior Design.

Interior design is so much more than the rearrangement of objects and assisting the client with color choice. Today, interior designers are well equipped with computer software programs, plans and the latest of innovative techniques to ensure that your home will be transformed in to the ultimate space for living, working or playing.

MyHome believe that 'a detailed, accurate design plan is the key to a successful renovation project'. The Interior designers who are available from MyHome combine their skills with a training program, provided by MyHome, to guarantee that design and the technical components of a construction plan are considered together throughout the life of the remodeling project. MyHome say that when design plans ignore construction restrictions, you can begin to encounter problems that can potentially lead to major structural issues in the long term.

MyHome Interior Design Consultants are the best in New York City. The designers come from a range of backgrounds including graphics, publishing and marketing, architectural design and all are considered to have strong project management skills that will guide your project smoothly from the design concept stage to completion. Along with the skills and knowledge they bring to the company, continual professional development opportunities are provided to all staff. MyHome says 'consultants have access to and are fluent in the latest software, including 2020 and Porsacad' two of the most beneficial software programs available for a remodeling project.

This latest decision by MyHome to offer interior design services to clients is a natural progression from the services already offered. Interior design is an important component to any remodeling project and this service will continue to benefit existing clients and aims to attract new clients to access MyHome's extensive range of information.

About MyHome

MyHome is a complete renovation service firm based in New York City (NYC), offering a wide variety of remodeling services including interior design, construction services, materials and appliances. The company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling and complete renovation in NYC, for homes and offices.

For more information about MyHome please visit the company website at: