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Green Building

If you’re looking into home renovation, remodeling or construction in New York, chances are you’re interested in making energy efficient changes available through green building practices. Why? Because green building makes sense – for you, your finances, and the environment.

Tremendous strides have been made in green building in New York over the last decade. You can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your home and its use of materials and water. Sustainable development and green renovations reduce the impact that building and maintenance have on the environment – not to mention your health and bank account – by using newer and better construction, renovation, remodeling, removal and design practices.

When embarking on your green home remodeling or renovation, talk with your contractors and designers about how to best reduce energy use, electricity use, and water consumption, and aim for a high LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating. Ways that your home renovation or remodeling contractor or designer can achieve these goals are:

  • Design with optimizing systems in mind
  • Include rapidly renewable plant materials (e.g., bamboo, straw and sustainably managed forest lumber) in plans
  • Utilize stone, recycled metal and innovative new products like IceStone® when designing
  • Use low VOC paints and other building and insulation materials
  • Generate on-site renewable energy
  • Use materials from local sources
  • Reduce waste loads

As a full service New York general contractor for home design, remodeling, renovation and construction, MyHome keeps up with the latest technological advances in green building practices and can answer your home energy efficiency questions during the initial consultation or throughout every step of the way.