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Our Process


MyHome is a full service renovation firm based in New York City, and the only source you need for design, construction, materials and appliances for your remodeling project. We specialize in kitchen, bath and complete interior renovation in NYC, for homes and businesses.

We take full ownership of every project we work on. That way, our clients get the results they want and deserve, every time. We have a unique team approach in our industry that eliminates many of the problems people typically face when trying to evaluate, select, and work with a remodeling company.


At MyHome, we aim to be the best remodeling and construction company around. That’s why customer satisfaction is priority number one. We dream of expanding our franchised teams across the country. When people think of home or office renovations, we want them to think, “MyHome.”

Satisfactory results aren’t enough for us – MyHome strives to deliver exceptional service. Our team will do everything we can to provide you with the best design and remodeling services, and, at the same time, ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible, and that the customer service you get is nothing less than the best.

We hope you’ll want to spread the word about MyHome. Without you, we can’t reach our goals. So, at MyHome, your dreams become our dreams. 


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Yoel Piotraut and Mayan Metzler understand renovations from the floor up - literally. Yoel and Mayan originally met while working for a New York City flooring company. They decided to later work on contract jobs together. While contracting, they witnessed how complex and overwhelming household and business renovations can be for the consumer. Yoel and Mayan began to dream of a company that would make renovation projects an enjoyable, easier experience.

After creating an attractive logo - MyHome in patriotic red, white and blue, with a star for the M -- they sought out only the finest, most dedicated professionals to build their company. Next, they opened up their first showroom, where customers could choose materials and products, and work on designs for their renovations, all in one place.

Over the years, MyHome has become a convenient, all-in-one firm, making renovations and home improvement projects a pleasure, and not a burden. Always improving their business, whether with the latest technologies, products, and styles -- or by continuing to provide the best customer service -- MyHome continues to be the top New York City remodeling firm.


If you're looking for exceptional work, excellent customer service, and an unbeatable list of comprehensive services, then MyHome is the right choice for you. We promise quality - and we never break a promise.

There are only two reasons you may decide not to go with MyHome. If you're more concerned with cost than quality, then MyHome may not be the right choice for you. We want to warn you, though, that choosing a contractor solely for their low price, or selecting materials just because they are cheap, will backfire in the future. Cheap now doesn't save money in the long term. (For more information, read our article, “It's Worse to Pay Too Little.“)

The second reason some people don't hire MyHome is because they haven't learned enough about us. We believe it's essential you research before you decide who to hire for your remodeling project. If you've not found the answers to your questions on our site or from our free consultation, then, we apologize for that. Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can address your concerns.

We're confident that once you do know enough about MyHome, you won't want to choose any other company.