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Making the Most of the Kitchen

The kitchen is, in many homes, a gathering space, an eating space, and of course a food preparation space. However, many homeowners deal with kitchens that are not as big or as efficient as they may hope. If your kitchen isn't the most efficient that it could be, follow these simple tips to infuse your kitchen with a bit of new life.

The Illusion of Space:

Just because the kitchen is small, it doesn't mean that it needs to appear small. Simple tricks like using an accent wall or installing mirrors beneath cabinets can make the room feel much bigger than it is. A backsplash of mirrors in particular draw attention to the spaces beyond the kitchen, making the kitchen feel larger and multi-layered.

Organize Counter Space:

In some kitchens, there simply isn't enough cabinet space to keep small items like coffees, teas, and spices hidden away. However, putting things on the counter doesn't have to be messy. Use trays or small baskets to keep these items organized. Done right, they can actually serve as an excellent decorative touch to the room.

Use Everything You Have:

Cabinetry is often a defining characteristic in a kitchen, and it's also what makes or breaks organization. If the kitchen is small in width, look up. How high are the ceilings? Although very high cabinetry may be difficult to reach, it can be a great and efficient place to store the things you only need rarely, like fine china or holiday plates. In addition to added storage space, high cabinetry has an elongating effect and makes the kitchen feel much bigger than it is.


Open Shelving:

Utilizing open shelving in a small space gives the room a larger feel because the depth otherwise taken up by a cabinet is instead part of the airspace of the room. This is particularly attractive when utilized above spaces that would otherwise have cabinets, such as above the stove or sink.

Find Proper Furniture:

Although long tables and chairs with arms may have a sophisticated look, so can simpler furniture if that's what the space calls for. In a small kitchen, you want to focus on having furniture that maintains ease of mobility within the room. You also want to make sure that it's easy for people to get in and out of their seats. Often, chairs with arms are not suitable for small kitchen spaces.

Built-In Cabinetry:

If possible, it's great to design custom cabinetry that will fit the needs of your kitchen. For example, a small space between cabinets that would otherwise go unused is the perfect place to install a pullout spice rack.

Color Harmony:

Using one color or color scheme within the kitchen space creates a harmonious appearance that allows the eye to move from piece to piece. This is particularly useful in small spaces. Too many colors or confusion as to where the eye should look makes the space feel small and cluttered.