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Bathroom Renovation Budgeting

Many homeowners are attracted to the idea of remodeling the bathroom. It’s an important room in the house, and one that can feel very luxurious and wonderful when designed right. Besides, it’s usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. It can’t cost that much to renovate, right?

The answer to that question is: maybe. Sometimes a bathroom remodel can be done for a lower price point, depending on what you want done. Other times, the bill can run much higher than anticipated, sometimes even topping $25,000.

As with any home improvement project, if you are planning to remodel your bathroom, it’s important to be very realistic about your expectations from the remodel as well as the limitations of your budget. The best way to successfully remodel a space is to understand before the project even begins what needs to be spent and what you are willing to spend.

In an article published in 2005 in Remodeling magazine, it was cited that an average, mid-range bathroom remodel costs approximately $10,500. Of course, this figure is affected by where your home is located and what precisely is going to go into the remodel, but as a rule of thumb, that is the average figure. A “mid-range” bathroom remodel in this instance was defined to include a new bath tub and tile surround, a new toilet, a new double sink with vanity, a ceramic tile floor, wallpaper (vinyl), and a recessed medicine cabinet.

An upscale renovation, on the other hand, involves expanding the room, adding windows, moving fixture, expanding the bathtub, installing stone countertops, and implementation many other fine elements including a bidet. It’s estimated that this type of remodel will cost $26,000.

What affects the budget regardless of how extensive your remodel is going to be? First and foremost: labor. Unless you’re doing the remodel yourself, a general contractor is going to be need to be brought in to handle your remodel. This costs money by way of labor costs, and you should keep in mind that the more intricate and extensive the tasks you want done, the more hours it’s going to take.

The types of materials you choose for the bathroom will of course also affect the overall cost of the remodel. Fixtures such as toilets, tubs, and sinks come in varying styles and varying price points. Tile is another big cost and a must in a bathroom space – choose the intricacy of your design wisely, keeping in mind that there will be labor costs associated with the installation of the tile. And finally, choosing the right countertop for your sink will also affect the price. Although stone or granite may have a good look, the durability you may be seeking in such products for a kitchen isn’t exactly necessary in the bathroom. However, because the bathroom space is smaller, you can get away with these more expensive materials because there is less ground to cover.

As long as you enter your remodel with a solid vision and a commitment to your budget, a lot can be accomplished with creativity!