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Apartment Remodeling in New York (NYC)

The constant desire of people to want to have something new in and around their environment has made apartment remodeling in New York City gain more and more popularity. The hunger and thirst for making some changes and creating something new out of the comforts of their good old homes compel the city’s residents to conjure up the will and courage to embark on home renovation projects. Of course, these kinds of projects require that you do an extensive amount of research to get as many apartment remodeling ideas as possible to improve your living space and, at the same time, beautify it.

The common notion on apartments is their relatively small square space. This is generally true in big cities such as New York. Due to that fact, apartment remodeling in New York City can be a very challenging task. Not all apartments in big cities are as small as you might think. The key is to make use of your apartment’s total area wisely. To achieve that, you must give a great deal of consideration when it comes to furnishing space and storage.

There are a lot of ways you can utilize your apartment for the much needed furnishing space and to provide storage solutions. Below is a list of things you might want to consider when remodeling your New York City apartment to make it look more spacious, and more comfortable and beautiful for you:

1- Make use of underused areas. – The first thing you need to do is to assess your apartment. Look around and check out corners and other areas that you do not normally notice and make use of. The space under the bed, for instance, is a great place for you to have storage units underneath for your shoes, letters, ironing table or board, and a lot of other things. The solution for these unused, underutilized or cluttered areas is to have a drawer, a basket, a closet organizer or some shelves. It will give your apartment a more organized and cleaner look. More importantly, the areas become more functional and may even help you save time as searching for things you need in a clutter can cause so much delay.

2- Dual Functionality. – It has been the common ongoing trend in gadgets right now. You might want to consider this so-called dual functionality in your New York City apartment, too, when remodeling. It is not as hard and tricky as it sounds. This dual function “feature” can either be the rooms in your apartment or the furniture you stuff your apartment with, or both! Have a family or living room that can be transformed into a guest area by having a pull out sofa or futon instead of the regular sofa. When buying furniture for your apartment, keep in mind that versatility can give you so much comfort. Flip-top seats can accommodate your family and visitors while they also serve as a toy box or storage for your extra blankets, sheets and pillowcases. Bear in mind that every piece of furniture in your apartment should combine both form and function.

3- Lighting. – Proper lighting can do wonders to your living space. When remodeling your New York City apartment, be sure to spend as much time as you would in other furniture in the selection of lamps, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures and other types of lights. Tip: do not settle for minimal lighting. With something as simple as lighting, you can make your apartment as comfortable, welcoming and seemingly spacious as it should be.

4- Color. – Color makes magic in a home, whether it is a six-bedroom house or a small-sized apartment. It helps open the space and add some warmth into your living space. Most apartment remodeling jobs include wall painting. For an average-sized New York City apartment, choosing a neutral color will do the trick. Try to be as creative as you can, but avoid going over-the-top as that will only make your apartment look crowded. Color comes in a variety of ways when it comes to apartment remodeling. It can take the form of an artwork, linens, pillows or drapes.

Remodeling your apartment in New York City is serious work, but can also be a lot of fun. Feel free to unleash your creative side and do what you feel is best for your own living space. Plus, there is always a great number of resources that you can check out for help – the Internet, home magazines, interior design books and more. Just remember, when it comes to your New York City apartment remodeling project, stick to versatility and functionality.